Listalicousness: City Nicknames, Google Searches, and CBT Infographics

Black and white photo of roses

My coworkers brought me roses. 🙂

Yesterday was the best Valentine’s Day ever. Two of my coworkers surprised me with flowers, a teddy bear, and a card signed by people at work. Just when I feel unloved, something beautiful happens to remind me that I am not alone. I feel so blessed!

On that note, I am excited to bring you this list of links for this week. Hopefully, they will bring a smile to your face and something to ponder.

  1. 25 Cities with Awesome Nicknames – Nicknames often say more about something than its actual name. That is part of what makes knowing these so fascinating.
  2. Merrimack Police Department Facebook post – Their post about the groundhog is super clever and funny.
  3. 35 Ways to Say, “I Am Sorry” – This post is so helpful and very interesting. I struggle with saying “I’m sorry” too much, so I need to keep this in mind.
  4. Video: What’s the Difference between A and Z? – Clever idea for a video. Also, this are some questions about differences that I have wondered.
  5. International Space Station astronauts make ‘Star Wars’ crew poster – Being an astronaut would be awesome. Doing something like this makes it even better.
  6. Video: Google – Year in Search 2014 – Beautiful video that offers hope as well as addresses hard issues.
  7. Therapy: What is CBT? – I enjoy infographics. This one on CBT is really interesting.

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