One Thousand Thanks: 998 – 1008. Employee Shout-Outs Part One

Coping Skill 9. Working

Work can add additional stress or give you a needed distraction.

“When will I be in your blog?” “Will you write about me?” “So, Anna Rose, how is blogging going?”

Many of my coworkers have been curious about my strange way of expressing myself. Thus, I promised to mention them. Doing a shout-out to each person on Thankfulness Thursday only seemed appropriate. By the way, you might have noticed that I am now over 1,000 thanks. I think that I will keep going at least through Lent. The practice of being grateful is important for me to continue cultivating.

998. Abbi – Whatever this confident, strong, kind woman does, she does well. I can always count on Abbi to help me out or figure out a difficult situation. Thank you so much!

999. Abigail – You are so sweet and fun! Thanks for having a good attitude even when situations are stressful.

1000. Ada – Honestly, Ada is my long-lost sister. She can brighten my mood and understand my problems. Thank you for being so wonderful!

1001. Ashley – You are such a dedicated mother and kind person. Thank you for being patient even when someone is panicked.

1002. Bobby – Who would have thought we would be servers like we hoped after our first interview? Thank you for calming my nerves that first day and for your quick smile that welcomes us and guests.

1003. Celeste – You make my life so much brighter! Each day we work together is wonderful. Thanks for being a great friend and listener!

1004. Haley – Even when upset, she is kind to everyone and good-humored. Haley really brightens every room and makes us all laugh with her wit and feel safe with her kind smile.

1005. Jackie – If something has to be done, Jackie sees that and makes sure that it is accomplished. She is fearless and stays very focused. Thank you for keeping everything running smoothly.

1006. Jennifer – You are like the kitchen mother. We all love you and respect your wisdom. Plus, you are super fun and hip too. 😉

1007. Jeremy – Many people only do a job as much as asked and then leave. Jeremy gives his all to work, friends, and family instead of doing something halfway. Thank you for your kindness, uncomplaining help, and laughter at my dish alarm (You are.).

1008. Joe – If I have competition to grab the most food to deliver to customers, it might be from Joe. He is a super fast worker, super bright smiler, and super amazing person. Thanks for making work fun!


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7 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 998 – 1008. Employee Shout-Outs Part One

  1. Awesome idea and work here. I appreciate it always.

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