Beautiful way to look at recovery. I always think of what I am not enough of – smart enough, pretty enough, loved enough, nice enough, etc. Another great part about this post is realizing that we are not alone. Often, I put up a wall around myself and think that no one understands me. Yes, people are often oblivious. However, there are more people who care than who do not.

Write to Live

I heard a speaker last night at a meeting I hadn’t been to in about a year. Something I love about recovery and also something that I’ve had to work on over and over is to “look for the similarities and not the differences.” For so long, I was convinced that my story was unique, that no one knew what it was like, that I was entirely alone in my suffering. But as time passed and I was reminded by others in the rooms to seek those similarities, the more I found, often in the stories of those to whom I least expected to relate.

The fact is that yes, our pasts hold many different situations, home environments, specific tragedies and traumas. There are parts of our stories that are circumstantially unique. But those are details. Underneath the tiny kernels of technicality, beneath the exquisitely-decorated armor that we’ve crafted to hide the…

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