One Thousand Thanks: 1009 – 1015. Employee Shout-Outs Part Two

Coping Skill 9. Working

Work can add additional stress or give you a needed distraction.

First of all, I am so sorry to those wonderful coworkers who I did not get to in the first post (Penny, I still love you). Going in alphabetical order is simpler (and less stressful) for my brain.

Anyway, this is the second part of my list of shout-outs honoring the people who I work with most days of the week. However, more installments will follow because I still have coworkers to thank. 🙂

1009. Johanna – Welcome, first of all! It is wonderful having you. Thank you for always trying to do something to help out around the kitchen.

1010. Kao – He is such a kind-hearted guy, plus super sweet to his girlfriend who I love lots. Thanks for putting up with the antics and giggling from Celeste and me.

1011. Katala – Beautiful, funny, chipper, thoughtful, stylish – there are many words that describe elements of who Katala is. However, none of them fully sums her up. She is completely unique.

1012. Lisa – Thank you for your wisdom and the caring touch that you bring to our workplace. You are a wonderful mother!

1013. Melissa – Another great mother, Melissa has a beautiful smile for everyone that she meets. Thank you for being so genuine and kind.

1014. MJ – You work so hard and don’t let hardships bring you down. That is awesome! Stay cool and hopeful; you are getting closer to your dreams every day.

1015. Penny – Did you think that I could forget you? Do you think that I could? Penny, you brighten the room and lives of others. Please don’t give up your joy because it makes the world a better place.


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