Beautiful Stories and Skies Are All Around Us

Sometimes I feel like the sky is always gray and life is full of disappointments. Depression sets in, casting a black net that entangles me in the worries of life. These are moments, days, times when I cannot see beyond the present pain.

However, I need to remember that there are beautiful skies ahead and beautiful stories surrounding me. Here is a great example of an image that most people would overlook but has a great story behind it.

Simple things can have wonderful backgrounds and touching tales if we take the time to stop and listen. Your elderly neighbor might have the most romantic story that you have ever heard if you ask about her now deceased husband. A picture that hung in a corner of your parents’ house could have deeper symbolism than you realized. A tree that grows outside your house might have been the only one to survive an awful tornado years ago. You never know if you do not inquire, listen, and learn.

How does this relate to beautiful skies? Well, when I begin to observe the world and others around me instead of sinking into my depression, I am often cheered. Suddenly, I can see so much wonder that I had not realized was present. Doing this gives me hope.

What are some stories that you have that most people do not ask about but are beautiful? What about the people that you love? What about those things or people that you barely know? I encourage you to start learning and listening.



2 thoughts on “Beautiful Stories and Skies Are All Around Us

  1. Nostalgia reopens a book from the past.. experiences unknown

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