When You Wish Upon a Star…And It Comes True!

Girl thinking about Walt Disney quoteSorry for the short posts this week! School, work, and life in general have been crazy. As I have mentioned before, simply finding time to breathe and think straight has been difficult.

Anyway, several wonderful dreams came true this week. I feel like I am floating on clouds. Despite all the difficulties of this semester, I am getting through it. Beyond the current struggles, a brighter light shines for my future.

Firstly and most excitingly, I was accepted into the Disney College Program! In a few months, I will call Disney World my home. 🙂

Finding out this wonderful news last night has brightened this whole day. Sure, I still have the audition in a week to see if I will be a character. If so, that would be wonderful. However, even working on the rides will be wonderful. Just having this opportunity is a blessing.

Someone this evening tried to tell me that it would not be that great if I was not a performer. Really? Your attitude towards the job and opportunity matters. I am trying to block that person’s negativity from my mind. Simply having this chance is one of my biggest dreams come true.

Secondly, I was cast in Narnia at my school. Being in show inspired by the book series that I grew up with is another dream happening. Doing this will take away from my work hours. Yes, that is difficult to do. However, I should take advantage of my last semester of school. Being in theater is a wonderful way to do that.

Finally, people at my job are awesome as are many of my classmates. Despite my difficulties at both places, friends are coming alongside me to support and encourage me. Thank you so much to all of those people. Without all of your jokes and kind words, I would not have made it this far.


6 thoughts on “When You Wish Upon a Star…And It Comes True!

  1. Rainbow hugs my dear friend.

  2. ladygracet says:

    Wow, that is pretty cool. Good Luck.

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