What it’s really like moving overseas and living abroad

This post is so helpful and true! As I prepare to move away in a few months, I will need to keep many of these points in mind. Although I will only be going across the country, it is still helpful to note all of these ideas and suggestions.

Little Grey Box

Travelling the world, living abroad and choosing a different path in life has become more accepted and more popular over the years. It’s common for one of your friends or family members to tell you they’re taking off to live in London or spending a year or two travelling around the world. Sometimes it’s a rite of passage, other times it’s a life path they’ve chosen. Either way, it’s wonderful so many people are following their adventurous hearts and taking time to explore the world.

People talk a lot about all the wonderful adventures they have while living abroad and travelling. We speak openly about all the fun times and the highlights, but is it all fun nights out, warm beaches and exotic holiday destinations in far off lands? Hmmm, no. Sometimes it’s sleeping on the floor, running out of money and being very, very cold.

Moving overseas, spending time…

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