One Thousand Thanks: 1016 – 1021. Employee Shout-Outs Part Three

Coping Skill 9. Working

Work can add additional stress or give you a needed distraction.

Here we go again! This should finish up most of the people that I work with although there are others who work in other areas and are awesome as well. Perhaps I will continue to thank them next Thursday. You’ll have to wait and see.

By the way, I hope that this list encourages you to show gratitude to your coworkers and those you see working in customer service. Goodness knows that we could use some kind words!

1016. Markas – Thank you for washing all of the dishes and saving me several times when something almost fell on my head!

1017. Sydney – You have such a sensitive spirit which shows in your smile and kindness to others. Thank you for making the world more caring by showing us all how to love. You are one of the kindest people that I have ever met.

1018. Tony – He is great with people and engaging guests. When he welcomes them and serves them, he makes their day much better.

1019. Nate – Firstly, he very kindly tries not to swear around me although I never asked for that. Secondly, he puts others’ needs first while still respecting himself. Also, talking about aliens with him is very fun!

1020. Steven – Thanks for always trying to cheer me up when I am down or making sure that I am ok. You are very fun to talk with about The Lord of the Rings, England, and other such wonderful subjects.

1021. Mike – You are so cheerful and kind no matter what is going on around you. Thank you for that! I can count on a smile form you each day at work.


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