Coping Skills: #79. Ask for Accommodations

Many people want to muscle their way through life without asking for help or admitting struggles. I certainly am like that. This week I challenged that by opening up to a professor about my struggles in the class figuring out my point of view. He responded generously and helped to accommodate my learning style and abilities.

Not everyone will be willing to accommodate what you need. However, asking usually will not hurt anything. Also, more people are willing to make changes than you would think. You might be surprised at how flexible and caring others can be when you need accommodations.

If you are having a difficult time, think about what might be helpful. What is it exactly that makes your job, school, relationship, etc so hard? What do you dread the most?

After pondering these questions, come up with some helpful ways to make the situation less stressful. Can you have a longer time to take a test, a certain task off at work, or receive extra training in a certain area? Do not be afraid to come up with a suggestion that would involve others, yet make sure that it is reasonable for everyone involved.

Next, choose the right person and approach him or her. Be straight to the point by giving the problem and several ideas to make it easier. Try to be confident without needy or pushy. All of these directions are difficult but hopefully will make a difference for you!

Finally, follow up later on how you are feeling about the accommodations. Try to speak with the same person. If you cannot, find someone else whom you trust. Be sure that your accommodations are actually helping instead of lying about them. This will help you to succeed in your job, school, relationships, and any other period in life.

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