Coping Skills: #80. Tell the Full Truth

How often do you lie? Much research indicates that people do it many times a day. Why? There are multiple reasoning including pleasing others, getting out of trouble, gaining admiration, or harming an enemy.

Most people agree that lies are not morally acceptable for the most part. However, we disagree about when fibs are fine or even good. Should you tell someone if she looks bad with that color hair? If a coworker does not get in trouble with the nasty boss, is it ok for you to say that you have no idea who made the mistake? What about lying to save your life or someone else’s? Is that the only time that deception is acceptable?

Today, one of the cooks challenged me to go without lying. It turned out to be more difficult than I thought. However, people with Aspergers and autism tend to struggle with lying more than others. In fact, I needed to learn how to lie or at least not tell the full truth to fit in socially. Saying what was really on my mind was far too strange for others.

Anyway, being honest was a bit frightening at times but refreshing. Of course, my coworkers asked silly questions like “Who is cooler?” Questions like that are not the purpose of telling the truth. Being open and not deceiving others (or even yourself) allows a sense of freedom and a release of guilt.

Although there might be some situations were lying is acceptable, being honest is certainly what I prefer. Maybe there are times when you must edit yourself, but that can still be done in a truthful way. I encourage you to try the exercise of not lying for a whole day. You might find it eyeopening as well as amusing.

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4 thoughts on “Coping Skills: #80. Tell the Full Truth

  1. Great insight here. I think the most important reason not to lie has to do with how it affects the person doing the lying, rather than how it affects others. When we lie a part of us dies. When we come clean there is a sense of renewal because of the release of guilt. Furthermore, lying is mostly self deception. People who lie really are only fooling themselves into thinking that this to whom they are lying actually believe their rubbish.

  2. Dara M. says:

    This article is great! I really enjoyed it and agree with your take on being honest.

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