Listaliciousness: Weird Al with “Yoda,” Amateurs, and Jealous Batman

Break is officially over for me. Tomorrow, classes begin. I feel mixed about starting on this last part of my journey at this university. Leaving will be bitter sweet although the bitterness has brown lately.

Anyway, here are the links like every Sunday. Enjoy!

  1. Weird Al performs “Yoda” with Autistic girl – This is so fun. He is talented as is she.
  2. Ten Things Not to Say to a Suicidal Person – Good list! It is hard not to say any of these things.
  3. Podcast: Amateur Hour – Oh, I loved this so much! It describes different stories of armatures.
  4. Addressing the Problem of Evil with Hope – I wrote this for Catholic Stand  after finishing a class on the subject.
  5. I Don’t Want My Daughter to Hate Pink – Wonderful, empowering article.
  6. Celebrity Kindness: Actor Jared Padalecki starts shirt campaign for To Write Love On Her Arms – Here is another post that I wrote. This actor is doing a great campaign for a wonderful organization.
  7. Video: Lego Batman is Jelly – This makes me laugh so hard each time that I see it.
  8. Summarizing the Female Autism Conundrum – Knowing this information is essential for mothers of autistic children.
  9. Photo: Doing Something Each Day – So cute and inspiring!
  10. Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ is Belle of the Box Office – I just saw this and loved it so much!!!! It was the greatest film since Big Hero 6 and then much longer before that.

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