It’s Just a Dress Size

Wearing the red dress for my friend's wedding

Wearing the red dress for my friend’s wedding

Yesterday, I tried on a bridesmaid dress for my roommate’s wedding. The radiant blue, flowing skirt, and classy style of the dress were wonderful. However, the size on the tag was much bigger than I had worn in a long time.

Right away, I began to panic and asked if the dresses were based on our measurements. Thankfully, my roommate said that the sizes ran different than normal dress sizes. Hearing this was such a relief.

Still, my first reaction made me curious and a bit embarrassed. Why is it that clothing sizes matter so much?

Other girls have expressed the same horror that I felt when looking at their own clothing. Even worse, I have overheard girls comparing themselves to others. I do not know for sure how this affects men, but perhaps clothing sizes can have a similar effect on them.

I want to encourage you if you are struggling with self-worth or body image, remember that a size does not define you. Be it big or small, that number is not what makes you lovable and wonderful. There is so much more to you.

So, let’s try to remember that a number is simply that: a number. That is all there is to it. It cannot take away who I am, what I dream of, and how I deserve to be treated.


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