Advice from Red Carpet

So often, people complain about the media and the way only thin women are shown to be beautiful. However, it is important not to judge celebrities for looking a certain way. They are people as well who are beautiful and insecure about their bodies.

When I found this video, I was touched. These gorgeous women spoke to girls (and guys) in a sensitive, considerate manner. Hopefully, you will also be touched by their words.

One day, I would love to exude that type of confidence and composure. Their lives are obviously not perfect. However, when a celebrity speaks truth and kindness, the rest of the world listens.

To have that same air of self-assurance, I do not need to be famous. All I need is to keep growing in maturity, faith, and belief that I am lovable. Once I understand that, reaching out to others and imparting wisdom will be simpler. Not easy, but certainly possible.


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