One Thousand Thanks: 1022 – 1032. Employee Shout-Outs Part Four

Coping Skill 9. Working

Work can add additional stress or give you a needed distraction.

After taking a week off from this, several of my coworkers asked me about it. Funny when you write how everyone wants you to write about them. Maybe they will think again when they start to read personal essays about my family…

I love my family so much and am sincerely glad that they know that. Knowing a writer (I am just guessing here for the most part) can be both a blessing and burden. Do you really want to be their inspiration, or would you prefer to keep out of their way?

Anyway, here is a continuation of my Thankfulness Thursday. Enjoy!

1022. Diesel – You have a great sense of humor. Thanks for all of the great food that you make for us to serve!

1023. Marcus – He is cool and able to roll with whatever is happening in the kitchen. Plus, he is funny.

1024. Demetrius – We are glad to have you over on the Bistro side! You certainly add joy to the kitchen.

1025. Yukie – Thank you for always asking how to help. Welcome to our family! 🙂

1026. Derek– Talking with you is wonderful. Hearing about your journey in faith has been wonderful. I wish you all the very best.

1027. Sean– You have an amazing voice!!! Yep, I said it. Thank you for cheering us up and keeping us running smoothly.

1028. Keishauna – She is a strong woman full of energy. Her confidence is magnetic and inspiring.

1029. Cameron – Thanks for working hard even when you are in pain. That is certainly not an easy thing to do.

1030. Allie – You are one smart, fun, beautiful, engaging, and wonderful woman! Anyone would be proud to have you in their family. 🙂 You make my days at work happier.

1031. Carmella – When you smile, everyone is a bit happier. 😀 Thanks for being a great friend and such a sweetheart! I will miss you so much when I leave.

1032. Tyler – Thanks for being such a good friend to a goofball like me. Chatting with you when I grab drinks or dishes or food or just run over to say “Hi” is fun. You have a wonderful sense of humor and are very kind.


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