Sometimes We Just Need a Smile

Head pounding more loudly each moment, stomach clenching as I resist the urge to empty it, eyes longing to close for a moment’s rest – I am so ready to be done with this day. Right now, life feels unbearable.

It is days like this when I just need a laugh or even just a smile. Having a hug from my mother would be even better. Until Sunday, however, that will not happen. In lieu of that, here are some videos that made my heart happier if only for a moment.

Of course, a Shakespeare fan like me would love this classic scene. Plus, Kenneth Branagh is a brilliant actor and director.

I never was a Pokemon fan, but this is super cute! Aw!

Well, those made me perk up a little bit. Please share something that makes you smile.


7 thoughts on “Sometimes We Just Need a Smile

  1. Any cat videos especially the ones chasing off bad people or bad pets…

  2. Oh and always glad to see your blog and your cute avatar, always makes me smile.

  3. April says:

    Much Ado About Nothing is one of my favorites…I laugh every time I see this movie version. Nice choices, I hope you feel better!

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