Listaliciousness: Voldemort’s Jam, Phoning Parents, and Praying Lawyers

“Why are all of your posts so depressing?” A friend inquired of me the other day. I probably responded with some quick remark about them not really being that way. However, my writing and mood have been much darker lately. Part of me wants to apologize. However,we all go through more difficult stages of life when seeing the light and hope is harder. That is where I am at right now. Still, I try to keep remembering that this is just one small element of my journey.

So, I hope that you are not upset or too worried by my depressive state. This is a normal part of recovery, if an agonizing part. This post is much cheerier with some great links from all of the web.

  1. I Am “That” Parent – From the parent of a child with special needs to teachers and other parents, this is an amazing post. There are many women who I know (and even more that my mother does) who would echo these words.
  2. Video: Patrick Fiori “Il Parait” – Oh, the music in this video is gorgeous as is the story concept. I will have to find out what the words mean.
  3. Dear Parent: About THAT Kid… – This post inspired my first one on the list. It is very helpful and interesting to have a teacher’s perspective on this subject.
  4. Unlovable – I connected and resonated with this blogger. It breaks my heart but is so true.
  5. Video: One-legged break dancer – Wow, what an amazing talent this man has!
  6. ‘Rockin’ Tony’ is Salvation Army sensation – Once again, here is my wonderful cousin. 🙂
  7. Video: Dark Lord Funk – What happens when you mix Harry Potter with Bruno Mars? Here you go! Jam out all you want to this groovy parody.
  8. Funny Mic Check Gone Wrong – Aw, this was actually pretty sweet. Plus, the faces of the players were priceless when they found out that the mics were still working.
  9. Is Your Dad Like This? – I read this in Reader’s Digest and laughed so hard. It needed to be shared on my blog.
  10. Lawyers and Prayer – Lawyers do not often enter my mind. I do not hate them certainly but never considered being one. Reading more of this blog has given me a greater insight into their lives.

2 thoughts on “Listaliciousness: Voldemort’s Jam, Phoning Parents, and Praying Lawyers

  1. Thank you so much for linking to my post. Much gratitude!

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