Looking to the Future

Calling all women!

There are joys ahead.

Lately, hopelessness has become a major problem for me again. Thinking about the future fills me with dread. Looking ahead, all that I can see is darkness, emptiness, and loneliness.

Instead of dwelling upon this fear, I must try to find even small elements about the future that are exciting or wonderful. All of us have some of those things to look forward to even if they are small. Thinking about them can help us to have a goal we can aim for instead of just running from anxieties.

Here are some of the future moments that I am looking forward to happening:

  • Going to Disney World in a month
  • Graduating in a month
  • Narnia opening next week
  • Being in my roommate’s wedding in two months
  • Having my family come and visit me in Florida sometime in the next year
  • Being able to take care of my cat on my own
  • Having the china dish set from my grandparents
  • Hosting a mystery party
  • Continuing to become a better writer

What are some things that you are looking forward to in your life?


5 thoughts on “Looking to the Future

  1. Robert Pierce says:

    I suggest the following as a guide to daily life. “Live, Love, Laugh and be HAPPY

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