What Motivates Us?

When we discuss motivation, we usually express hurrying towards something that we desire. Maybe money motivates you. Perhaps it is fear or friendship. Security, pleasure, thrill, religion, passion…the list continues on endlessly.

However, most people think that more rewards will urge people to work harder. Strangely enough, that is not always the case. This fascinating video shows that.

Watching this made me wonder, “What motivates me daily?” Even better, “What motivates my recovery?”

If I wanted to make a list of quick rewards, I could try. But honestly, there are more momentary motivations for not choosing recovery:

  • Weight loss
  • Attention
  • Not having to face the outside world (in treatment)
  • People caring for me
  • Not having to express what I need

All of those certainly seem like great rewards to my disordered mind. However, they are not as lasting as motivation of working hard and having long-term benefits:

  • Peace
  • Self-acceptance
  • Health
  • Strength
  • Ability to travel
  • A family (maybe?)
  • Laughter
  • Dreams
  • Steady job
  • Further education
  • Independence
  • True friendships

Now which list seems more motivating? Yes, the second one takes longer to get to, but I think that it is worth the effort.

What motivates you, especially if you are on the journey to recovery? Please let me know in a comment.


2 thoughts on “What Motivates Us?

  1. Proving people wrong was a big motivation for getting to a better place.

    I want peace, love and safety. I deserve those so I’m going to get it!

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