Listaliciousness: Traffic Cone Interviews, Dogs in a Photobooth, and Realistic Heroines

Just two days until the preview of Narnia! That is practically our opening night because we will have a full house just like all of the other evenings and afternoons. I can’t wait to upload pictures of my beautiful costume. Only a few days more to wait.

Anyway, there are lots of great links this week. Many are focused on health issues such as eating disorders, abuse, and Lyme disease. However, others center on fun topics like rumors about the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff. Enjoy!

  1. Orthorexia Nervosa: When Righteous Eating Becomes an Obsession
  2. Debby Ryan Opens up about Domestic Violence
  3. 25 Disney Park Secrets Every Fan Should Know
  4. Watch News Anchor Interview a Traffic Cone
  5. 5 Attributes of a Realistic Heroine
  6. Depression: Down, But Not Out
  7. Eddie Redmayne the Frontrunner to Star in Harry Potter Spinoff
  8. Mom Reunited with Daughter 50 Years after Being Told She Died
  9. Shelter Puts Dogs in a Photobooth to Get Them Adopted
  10. Top 10 celebrities with Lyme disease

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