I Am the Character

Books from OxfordLiterature was the first place where I began to identify with characters. That and movies. Suddenly, other women and girls who I admired were set in front of me. They became role models, whether they were supposed to be or not.

Theater was the next place where I was introduced to characters that I wanted to be. Her voice, her style, her life – they all were more appealing than mine. As I portrayed more females, I felt myself change.

Sometimes I wonder if I rely on characters too much to tell me who I am. They at least guide who I want to be. Often when watching a movie or reading a book, I hope that others see me as the heroine. If I could only be like her, my life would be better.

No, that is not quite true. My life would be harder, but I would be better. Prettier, smarter, quicker, holier, thinner, braver, kinder, more loving, more alluring, wiser, better with children, able to talk to animals – so continues the list of what I desire to have from different characters.

This is not a healthy way of thinking. However, there might be some merit in it. Knowing who I want to be like can show me my values and what I long to do with my life. Thus, I decided to highlight some of the characters that I want to emulate and be thought similar to by other people:

  • Hermione Granger from Harry Potter – smart, brave, quick-thinking, loyal
  • Any Disney princess – beautiful, musical, kind, brave, thin, talks to animals, true love
  • Nancy Drew – clever, witty, strong, independent, smart, exciting
  • An elf in The Lord of the Rings – wise, beautiful, quiet, strong, powerful, one with nature, meditative
  • A cute, innocent Manga girl – sweet, naive, innocent, cute, charming, kind, loved by almost everyone
  • Jane Bennett from Pride and Prejudice – quiet, lovely, thinks the best of others, true love
  • Cossette in Les Miserables – naive, loved, gorgeous, kind-hearted

This is just a beginning of the list. Are there any characters that you feel this way about? Am I alone in this?


6 thoughts on “I Am the Character

  1. I’ve always wanted to be Lucy in the Narnia series. 🙂

  2. Spider-Man, Ender Wiggin, and Bilbo Baggins as I grew up. To be fair, I think I connected to the third one more because I was the shortest of my group.

  3. cmstevens1894 says:

    I could absolutely see you as Jane Bennett or Cosette! Or maybe Jane Eyre? 🙂

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