One Thousand Thanks: 1033 – 1043. Narnia

Me as a dryad in Narnia

I am a dryad in Narnia.

Lately, my loneliness and fear of the future has been growing. However, I am trying to stay grounded in reality. There are so many wonderful friends that I have and so much support from numerous people.

Thus, being thankful instead of miserable is a wise decision. Some days, taking the time to even do that seems pointless and impossible. However, we need to count our blessings even at the darkest of moments. There is always a light that can be found.

So, here is a list of thanksgiving for the play Narnia, which I am in right now. This story has enchanted, haunted, depressed, and overjoyed me at different points in life. Now, I will honor what I love about it.

1033. Other worlds – I still hope that there are other worlds out there. Maybe they are not magical like Narnia, but I am sure that they are full of beauty and pain just like ours and Narnia.

1034. Dryads – Being a dryad (tree spirit) in the play has been so much fun. I love these creatures and longed to be one in the show. When I heard that was my costume, I was overjoyed.

1035. Depiction of growing up – The beautiful way that the four children grow up in Narnia touches me. The innocence of childhood is praised while maturing is also highly esteemed.

1036. Talking animals – How awesome would that be?

1037. The British setting – Having a story set in Great Britain automatically makes it better in my books.

1038. C.S. Lewis – This man was amazing in many ways including his wonderful writing and imagination. His faith and hope shine through these novels.

1039. Magic – The magic and mystical element of Narnia is part of what makes it so wonderful.

1040. Never losing hope – Even in the darkest of moments, the characters in this series cling onto hope for the future. This is a trait that I highly value.

1041. Struggle between good and evil – I love stories about this battle. Narnia is certainly an epic in that regard.

1042. Flawed but redemptive characters – Edmund betrays his family, Lucy is a bit annoying, Peter doubts at times, and Susan can lack empathy in interest of practicality. However, they all become wonderful rulers of Narnia.

1043. Aslan – How can you not love this beautiful lion? I wish that I could walk and talk with him in the woods of Narnia.


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