Listaliciousness: Color Photograph of Pluto, Fandom Musicals, and Prom Dresses


Afternoon Tea

One week of performances down, one more to go. Only a little bit more time before finals and Florida. Everything is rushing past me. I feel like I am clinging to a palm tree during a hurricane. Hopefully, my arms will be strong enough to keep hanging on despite the wind.

This weeks links are a very interesting blend of various items. Hopefully, you will enjoy the list!

  1. 25 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know about Tea – I love tea. No one should be shocked by that. This is a wonderful list.
  2. Podcast: Invisibilia – These are so very amazing. The first (“The Secret History of Thoughts”) made me cry because I had always thought that I was alone in having this type of OCD.
  3. First Color Photograph of Pluto – Space and exploration of it bring out the adventurer in me. Seeing Pluto in color for the first time is fascinating.
  4. Video: Fandoms the Musical – Cute and very fun! As a member of many fandoms, I enjoyed this a great deal.
  5. First Cast Photograph from Beauty and the Beast – Aw! I cannot wait for this movie to come out into theaters.
  6. Staff Picks: Jobs we want based on what we’ve learned watching TV – Yes, I would be nobility or a princess of some sort from the shows that I watch. Or maybe an exotic alien…who knows?
  7. Vikings Fan Spotlight: The Mighty Lindsey Young – This amazing woman is not only my supervisor but also my friend. She is so encouraging, hard-working, and kind-hearted!
  8. Students write ‘I wish my teacher knew…’ prompts to write heartbreaking notes – All teachers should pay attention to this. What a great classroom idea that yielded touching but sobering results.
  9. Video: The Secret Life of Hamsters – Link and Rhett are hilarious as always in this video. What do hamsters really do?
  10. Top 10 prom dresses for 2015 – Finally, here is another list that I wrote. What dress do you like the best?

4 thoughts on “Listaliciousness: Color Photograph of Pluto, Fandom Musicals, and Prom Dresses

  1. misterrimperfect says:

    You have mighty strong arms 😉

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