One Thousand Thanks: 1044 – 1054. The Cast of Narnia – Part One

Me as a dryad in Narnia

I am a dryad in Narnia.

Normally, I write a note to each member of shows that I am in, but lately my time for anything extra has vanished swiftly. Thus, I decided to make this post the first of two parts thanking all of the amazing people who were in or helped with Narnia.

1044. Ben: Aslan/Father Christmas/Professor Diggory – Your majestic voice, huge smile, and warm personality made you perfect for this role. However, you are even more than a great actor; you are a magnificent person. Thank you for taking the time to listen and laugh with me even about silly things. The fact that you show care for everyone is so beautiful!


1045. Lydia: The White Witch – You are so talented beyond words. Thank you for your deep value of friendship and always giving you all to each role that you play. I look forward to seeing you do amazing things in the future!

1046. Austin: Peter – Your dreams of changing the world and helping others are wonderful. Thanks for bringing laughter to the rehearsals with your silly voices and quick smile. Congratulations too! I wish the very best for you and Amber.

1047. Sharayah: Susan – Every time that you are in the room, people perk up and feel happier. The joy, imagination, and childlike wonder that you bring into this world is wonderful. Plus, your numerous skills and utter beauty leave me speechless. You are going to do wonderful things after graduation! 🙂

1048. Dawson: Edmund – You really touch the hearts of people around you. Your smile and kind words, absurd jokes and great personality, large heart and quick wit – everyone (or at least everyone who matters) loves being with you. Thanks for being a wonderful friend and supporting me even when I am in a bad mood or struggling. I only hope that I can give you that same encouragement when needed.

1049. Julia: Lucy – Firstly, you are utterly adorable on and off stage! Secondly, you have such a sweet personality with a perky twist to it. Finally, I wish that I had gotten to know you better. You are a wonderful person.

1050. Kasey: Mrs. Beaver – I love you so much! Your curly hair, contagious giggle, ability to love others deeply, silly statements, and momentary bursts of excitement are wonderful. Please know how valuable and worthy of love you are. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

1051. Mitch: Mr. Beaver – Of course, you are doing amazing in the show! However, this is not only because of your enormous amount of talent; you are a very hard working with a great ability to learn from others and think creatively. You will make a great contribution to those that you serve throughout your whole life.

1052. Emily: The White Stag – You, my dear, are so gorgeous inside and out. Meeting you has been like meeting the White Stag in a way; our whole cast is luckier because you are in it because we know you! 😉 Please stay in touch and keep believing in a future full of hope.

1053. Stayllon: Mr. Tumnus – Getting to know you better in this show has been very fun. You have such a lovely, smooth voice which is perfect for your song. Also, your sense of humor is great!

1054. Jerica: Dwarf – You steal so many moments of this show with your hilarious voice and great facial expressions! Thanks for letting me be a baddie with you. 😉 You are such a talented and fun friend. Keep being yourself because it is brightening up the lives of many people.



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