One Thousand Thanks: 1055 – 1065. The Cast of Narnia – Part Two

Cast as Narnian coats

Paul, Katie, and I are dressed as coats for Narnia.

Here is a continuation of my list of thanks for my wonderful cast of Narnia. Today, we have our last two shows which is very bittersweet. Choosing to do this show was difficult at times, but I am certainly glad that I stayed strong and stuck with it even in the stressful, depressing moments. These people are much of the reason why I did so.

1055. Abby: Fenris– You are so incredibly amazing! Honestly, I want to spend every day being with you because you have such a kind heart, hilarious sense of humor, and creative outlook. Hopefully, I do not annoy you too much by being your little evil buddy. You make being a crulie in Narnia fun! 

1056. Jeremiah: Magrum – Thank you so much for coming to this school because you have touched each person that you have interacted with here. Not only are you so talented, you also have such a deep, rich view on life. Even when we are just being silly, you show kindness to others. Don’t lose that sense of sensitivity and joy for life!

1057. Emma: Narnian– Girl, you are so precious! Please know that I will always love you even when I am far away and years have passed. You are gorgeous (No, do not make that face! It is true!), sweet, intelligent, and classy. Keep me updated on your life as we journey apart, please!

1058. Katie: Narnian– Firstly, thank you for being so generous with your time, food, and energy! Secondly, you are so very sweet! Your smile lights up the room and makes me forget troubles. Do not let anyone steal that sunshine.

1059. Kate: Narnian – Hey baddie friend, we could totally take down Narnia together! You always make me smile, dear. I know that you will accomplish wonderful things and continue to make people joyful as you grow.

1060. Christi: Narnian – Having someone who understands me is so wonderful. Thank you for being that person! Whenever I freak out about time or hair or anything, you are right there for me. Sure, we are different, but our similarities are so much more powerful and beautiful. You, my dear friend, are gorgeous, exquisite, adorable, worthy of all love, and so wonderfully, painfully sensitive. Please know that is how others see you!

1061. Meredith: Narnian – You are so strong! Even when you were sick, you continued to give you best to our cast. Meeting you was wonderful, and I wish that I could stick around to see you continue to shine on stage.

1062. Alisa: Narnian – Goodness, you have to be one of the most sweet and genuine people that I know! Your smile is radiant, just like your heart. Please stay in touch! I am so glad that we met.

1063. Noah: Narnian – Getting to know you more over the year has been wonderful. I am so glad that you are finding out what you are passionate about and pursing that. Thank you for always being so thoughtful and funny. You are a gem!

1064. Cassidy: Narnian – Being in another show with you has been so very much fun! Your deep thinking, expressive personality, and deep sensitivity are so rare. That is part of what makes you so special. We all love you lots!

1065. Paul: Narnian – This cannot be your first show! You are so talented! Even more than that, you are a great friend. Thanks for laughing at jokes (even if they aren’t funny) and taking time to be with us. You add so much to the cast.


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