One Thousand Thanks: 1066 – 1076. The Cast of Narnia – Part Three

Entering into the wardrobe of Narnia

Entering into the wardrobe of Narnia

After taking a few days away from the show, I already miss it although there is also a sense of relief and closure. Thus, here is my final list of thanks to the wonderful people who made Narnia happen.

1066. Nathan: Director – He had a great vision for the play. Instead of being cutesy or overly extravagant, the show was a mix of magical, simple, and earthy. I really respected his way of helping us to tell the story, no matter what part we played. 

1067. Sierra: Stage Manager– Thank you for keeping all of us on task! You are so beautiful and hard working. I could always count on you to get something done or help the cast grow stronger.

1068. Alec: Assistant Director– You have such a kind heart and great sense of humor. Thank you for your encouragement. You honestly try to the see the world through a lens of faith and love. That shows in how you treat everyone with respect.

1069. Katie: Assistant Stage Manager– My dear, your smiled brightened every day. You did so much work. Please know that we noticed and were thankful even if people did not always say that. All of us were blessed by your servant leadership and sweet nature. Continue spreading sunshine, dear, because people like you help others to grow.

1070. Jonathan: Musical Director– Honestly, everyone would have been lost without you. Thank you a million times for your amazing work! It was especially wonderful because you sacrificed being on stage to direct and guide us. You were so patient, encouraging, and kind. Thanks for making me smile even when I was having a rough day. You are an amazing person!

1071. Eric: Musician– I wish that I could have talked to you more because you are an awesome guy. Those drums and other percussion instruments made the show much more mystical, frightening, and authentic.

1072. Katie: Musician– My heart is much fuller because of knowing you better. Just seeing you around campus before had shown me what a sweet person you were. However, actually getting to know you was a blessing. You radiate grace and love to those around you. Your quick smile, musical talent, peaceful nature, and playful side are just a few of the qualities that make you so unique and wonderful to know.

1073. Diane: Costumer– The costumes for this show are some of the most amazing that I have ever seen. The steampunk vibe mixed with the abstract animal design fascinated me. Thank you so much, Diane, for all of the dedication and creativity that you put into our outfits! Plus, you somehow knew that I was desperately hoping to be a dryad. 😀

1074. Jay and Grant: Set Designers – Wow, your work was amazing! The trees, cave, theater in the round – all of it was brilliant! Thank you so much for putting us into the forest of Narnia.

1075. Abby: Backstage Amazing Person– You are the sweetest person ever to live! Thank you for serving us with such a cheerful attitude. Having you around was such a blessing because not only were you helpful but you also loved each of us with your kindness and brightness. I wish that I could have gotten to know you better over the years.

1076. Falicia and Gracie: House Manager– Both of you are so wonderfully talented in so many ways – vocally, theatrically, creatively, and obviously in making props too! Thank you for all of the time that you dedicated into making our props. All of them were wonderful. However, having you two pop in was even more fabulous.


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