Note from a Graduated Woman

Students at Oxford

Students at Oxford

Dear world,

I am free. Well, I am free from my university to embark to new places, meet new people, have new experiences, and face new fears. Sure, there are still things that hold me back such as student loans, anxieties, commitments, and finances. However, those do not control my life completely.

Today was lovely. As I walked across stage and listened to my commencement, tears welled up in my eyes and trickled down my cheeks. Being in this position, fighting so hard to recover enough to get through school, refusing to back down on my beliefs or give up on my university – my college journey has not been easy. No, not easy but it has valuable and empowering.

Now, I am free to make more choices. For the first time in my life, I had a drink tonight. This will not be a regular occurrence, but having the ability to do so after refraining because of the rules at my university made the experience special. Returning to the place that I serve at to get the drink made it even better. Saying a final farewell was bittersweet. Yet, I will return even freer than now.

This whole journey has shown me how many students struggle to get through college. Parents die, hearts are broken, mental illness attacks, finances are drained, etc. Yet, I want to encourage others that graduating is still possible. You might even get Summa Cum Laude like you were praying for every class and assignment. 😉 Even better, you can realize that you had more strength within you than you had ever imagined.

Now, I am ready to embark on another journey as I leave for Disney World tomorrow. Whatever happens, I am filled with joy that I accomplished walking and receiving my diploma. Thank you so much to all those who made this possible: God, my family, my friends, and you, my wonderful readers! This is a very happy day!


Anna Rose Meeds (Just wait, I will have a Dr. before my name before you know it!)


6 thoughts on “Note from a Graduated Woman

  1. jefairgrieve says:

    Wonderful, Anna Rose! My best wishes as you enter this next phase of your life.

  2. ladygracet says:

    Congratulations! That is so exciting. Good Luck.

  3. 80smetalman says:

    Congratulations, enjoy the moment

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