Listatliciousness: Dandelion Laughter, Untranslatable Pictures, and Lightning from Space

Waiting in the airport for your plane to arrive is unnerving. I just am hoping for a bit of sleep and quick arrival everywhere that I go. Finding the right bus and transfer will be an adventure. Usually, I love the idea of adventures, but this is certainly not one that I want to have.

Anyway, the rest of the world must continue despite my exciting airplane adventure. Here are some web links as usual.

  1. 10 Tips to Prepare for Long-Term Travel – Great tips! I wish that I had thought of some of these earlier although many relate to going into another country.
  2. Video: Toddle Cannot Stop Laughing when Dad Blows on Dandelion – Aw, this is the cutest video! My sister cheered me up with it during finals’ week.
  3. Astronaut Captures Photograph of Lightning from Space – Wow, this is beautiful. Our world and galaxy are amazing.
  4. Why Autism is Different in the Brains of Girls than in Boys – Interesting article. I would love to hear your take on it. I am not sure what to think.
  5. Too Anxious to Function – I related to many parts of this article. Great look at a difficult subject.
  6. Untranslatable Words with Illustrations – Learning about words in other languages fascinates me. This is a very fun post about words that English does not have words to describe.
  7. Songs to Inspire and Move You – There are many wonderful songs on this list. Music has helped me through many difficult times. Some of my favorites are on this list.

Please share your thoughts

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