Facing My Fear with Friends

Lanterns at the resort

Lanterns at the resort

Tonight, my roommates and I went to go watch “Dreams” from a resort. Across the water, the fireworks exploded over Cinderella’s castle. Our toes wiggled in the soft sand as we gasped over the gorgeous light-show.

This was the first time that I watched fireworks willingly in years. Just ask my parents. The sound and flashes overwhelmed me. Being an Aspie is certainly not easy especially around the Fourth of July.

Yet, my fears were not as present today. In fact, I felt mostly excited, awed, and enraptured – mostly feelings that one should feel when watching fireworks. Being at Disney with my great friends really is bringing out a braver, more confident side of me.

That being said, I am a bit more nervous about seeing “Dreams” up close. However, I think that the wonder of the moment will make it worth the anxiety. Yes, fireworks are overwhelming. That is how much of life is. I need to learn when I can take those crazy moments and when I need to take a break. That wisdom comes with time, failures, successes, and good friends.


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