One Thousand Thanks: 1077 – 1087. Disney College Program Week One

Palm trees

Palm trees near my room

Starting again with Thankfulness Thursday, I am excited to go over my last week and the wonderful moments of being at Disney. Although there have been difficult moments, most of the program has been wonderful. Plus, I am in the happiest place on earth which is certainly something to celebrate.

1077. Awesome roommates – The five girls that I am with are so lovely, kind, funny, and helpful. They are all such blessings to have as roommates and friends.

1078. Warm weather – Being in the 90’s and 80’s is strange but lovely. Sure, it is a bit much at time, but I love it for the most part.

1079. Walking around Downtown Disney – Two guys, a friend named Meghan, and two of my roommates took me walking around Downtown Disney. Being there for the first time was very fun. Plus, we had supper and great ice cream.

1080. Finding PB2 – Walmart has my favorite food! Yeah! The rejoicing has been great.

1081. Buying my first pin – I never knew that pins and pin training was a thing at Disney World. Thus, I got my first pin today. It was Cinderella because I played her once. 🙂

1082. Upbeat employees – The people who work here are so upbeat and fun for the most part. I love meeting them and interacting with them whenever I can.

1083. Watching “Wishes” from the Polyesian – Seeing the fireworks show from across a lake was beautiful. I look forward to seeing it up close.

1084. Pools on site – Each set of apartments has a pool and other fun things. Going to a pool party today was very fun.

1085. Disney music everywhere – Great music follows you everywhere here. The live performances are the best. Piped music of popular songs or film scores is wonderful too.

1086. All of the costumes – The work uniforms are all so fun. I cannot wait to get my own.

1087. Meeting new people – I have been pretty excited about this although sometimes my anxiety does spike especially around new guys. For the most part, people have been very kind and fun.


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9 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 1077 – 1087. Disney College Program Week One

  1. Anna Rose! Its Carolyn from Emily. I texted you. Hope you got it. So excited you are there. Write me! Send me a postcard. I would love to be pen pals.

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