Living with Compassion

If someone were to ask me what one of the most important traits to have is, I would probably answer “compassion.” When you are compassionate, you are willing to sympathize and try to understand another person before judging them.

Also, compassion allows you to feel for his or her pain as well as joy. Think of the word: “com” which is also in community and is a Latin root for “together” linked to the Latin root “pati” which means “to suffer.” When you are compassionate with someone, you are suffering together.

Whether you are struggling with a mental illness or supporting a loved on through one, compassion is an important skill to develop. Too many times, people ignore or belittle to the suffering of others. Instead, we should come together in love and unity. Living in this manner is not easy. In fact, it can make my depression deeper at times. Yet, the bonds that compassion creates and beauty that comes from genuinely loving others is more powerful than the difficult it brings.

I choose to live my life dangerously and deeply with compassion. Will it make the darkness stronger at moments? Yes. However, I want to take on some of that agony from someone else so he or she does not need to face it alone. Hopefully, others will continue to choose to stand by my side and be united in my suffering. Dealing with mental illness and other difficult parts of life alone is so difficult. We all need someone to take compassion on us.

2 thoughts on “Living with Compassion

  1. Ralph says:

    Just a hug for you. Okay ? 😀 ❤

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