Coping Skills: #83. Virtual Shopping

Japanese Money Tree

Money trees in the Japanese part of the World Showcase that I thought would be fun to get for Mario or another member of my family

Going to Epcot for the first time was wonderful. My lovely roommate Emily took me through the World Showcase. We wandered through shops, bought Disney pins to begin my collection, and oohed over wonderful souvenirs from around the world. I lapped up gelato from Italy, feasted on falafel wraps from Morocco, and wiped away patriotic tears at the end of the American show.

However, one problem that I had throughout the day was wanting to stop and buy things for my family, friends, or myself. There were Mexican treats for my sister Christine, French perfume for my sister Maria, a Chinese money tree for Mario, a huge German beer stein for my dad, Moroccan Turkish Delight from my friend Dawson, Japanese Anime for my coworker Katala,  German Santa Clause ornaments for my Aunt Mary and so much more.

That is not even starting to list all of the items that I longed for to use myself. Continuously, I stopped to ogle an item and thought, “I can come back later. I have over eight more months still.”

Thus, I decided to do some virtual shopping in order to not spend all of my money (and more) in one day. To do this, you simply need a camera. Simply take pictures of each item that you want to get. That way, you not only remember them but also know that you can return if you really like them that much. This is a great way that I decide what is really an important item that I will care about and still want in the future.

This coping skill might seem silly, but I am constantly using it to help me not go overboard while shopping. Even if I do not have a camera, I can use it by taking notes mentally or on paper. Overall, this coping skill is important to help me manage a good budget and enjoy making purchases.

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7 thoughts on “Coping Skills: #83. Virtual Shopping

  1. That is an AMAZING coping skill. I am SO doing that. Thanks Anna Rose!

  2. JoelF says:

    Oh my, Thank you so much Anna Rose, i felt so honored with your kind deed promoting my post in your article. Thank you sincerely. Have a wonderful weekend and Take Care always.

  3. ladygracet says:

    Sounds like window shopping to me. Which is pretty fun. You could always try to make what you see. Sometimes it is a lot simpler then it looks. Other times not so much.

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