Earning My Ears

My mouse ears and name tag from the Disney College Program

My mouse ears and name tag from the Disney College Program

In Disney, we have lots of code words for things. “Earning my ears” means that this person is training. That is a cute, magical way to look at it, right?

This training is draining but good. I look forward to growing through this experience. Change is scary though. I do not want to become someone who is a totally different woman. Getting drunk, swearing, watching R-rated films – those are not who I want to be. Yet, I need to realize where I am holding myself back instead of allowing growth.

This process of “earning my ears” is not painless. There is confusion, nagging annoyances, and a bit of chaos involved. However, it is a beautiful experience too. I want to become myself, the person I was created to be instead of someone who is manufactured by the expectations of others and her own fears.

How do you go about “earning your ears”? What do you want to grow in over this next year?


10 thoughts on “Earning My Ears

  1. Mem says:

    Dear Rose With Thorns,
    I would love to read a blog post from you that extends form this one – where DO you want to grow? How? Why? You’ve mentioned a LOT of growth during the past many months here on this beautiful blog site. We see it. Continue to explore what that means for you.

  2. I love that term! The thought of “earning my ears” makes me smile. And this year…I would like to be both a better mom and a better daughter. 🙂 I hope you have a great experience as you earn your ears. 🙂

  3. I’d like to grow a fan base for my writings, so that each time I release a new book there are readers who are looking forward to reading it. That’s the dream.

  4. I love the idea of “earning your ears” and your perspective on growth being a painful yet beautiful time!

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