One Thousand Thanks: 1088 – 1098. Disney Friends

us with our Mickey Mouse ears

Emily and I after we recieved our Mickey Mouse ears

Today was long but still good for the most part. I just hope that I will be able to learn everything and start making the guests feel magical instead of constantly worrying about doing the right thing.

For Thankfulness Thursday though, I wanted to honor the great friends that I have made here at Disney. All of them have touched me greatly, and I love each one already so much!

1088. Emily – She was the first one I met because she contacted me on Facebook about being roommates. Her joyous smile, sweet personality, infectious laugh, and strong spirit make her a wonderful friend!

1089. Hallie – Your loyalty and sense of comitment are amazing and truly inspiring! Thank you for helping me to know everything about Disney.

1090. Kandice – My offical roommate (we share a room although Hallie, Emily, Laura, and Lindsey are all in the apartment too) is so calm and understanding. Her patience and willingness to listen are amazing.

1091. Laura – You are so very funny and cheery! Please do not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. I love having someone I can trust about the program.

1092. Lindsay – I love your style and spunk! You are so adventerous and strong. Thanks for taking us on trips (with many detours) around the area. 🙂

1093. Daniela – This girl brings a smile to my face each time that I see her. She is so full of sweetness and beautiful inside and out in so many ways.

1094. Claudia – You truly are Merida at heart – brave, kind, strong, quick to smile, easy to love. Meeting you was such a great moment and has continued to bring me much joy.

1095. Fred – Firstly, the fact that you are from France is awesome. Secondly and more importantly, you are so very fun, kind, smart, and considerate. I love having you as a friend!

1096. Meghan  – She has such a cute smile and fun attitude. Thanks for being so wonderful and not thinking I am (too) crazy.

1097. Bekah – Training with you has been lots of fun! You are very talented in theater and great at interacting with guests.

1098. Heather – You just pranced into the hearts of Emily and me. I am so glad that we met you in training. I hope that we can meet up again soon. 😀


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