Even a Small Kindness Makes a Big Difference

Smiling with goofy

Goofy related to me in such a kind way – kissing my hand and offering his arm. It was very sweet that he knew that I would prefer that to teasing.

Today, I awoke to another lovely surprise: my credit card was missing. A charge was already made and shown as potentially fraudulent. Before running off to work, I said that I had not made that transaction.

On my return home, the issue became more difficult. Several times, I tried to get into my account to talk to someone on the phone but could not. Finally, I called my mother in tears with my roommate’s phone (as mine is still being crazy and doing random events in the early morning).

Of course, my mother did what she always does – prayed. Then, I tried one more time. This time, a lovely woman named Rhoda answered. She was so very sweet and went beyond what was needed to help me figure out the situation. We updated all of my information and talked through the next steps of the process. By the end, I wanted to give her so many hugs.

Sometimes, a little kindness makes all the difference in the world. Firstly, Rhoda’s amazing guest service won a devoted customer of that credit card company. Secondly, I figured out the problem. However, most importantly, I came away feeling joyful instead of terrified. Her actions made my whole day better.

That is how I want to be for others. That is the reason I wanted to work for Disney! No matter what you are doing, you can make someone’s day magical and beautiful. Even the smallest action can bring about love and joy.

So Rhoda, whoever you are, thank you so much! I will pass on your exceptional guest service and willingness to go beyond what is required to let my kindness shine so that others are touched. That is how you make someone’s day – and life – better.


2 thoughts on “Even a Small Kindness Makes a Big Difference

  1. MEM says:

    Aw, dear Rose with Thorns, I love a happy ending! Way to persevere! Way to reach out for a lifeline by calling your mom – she must be a wonderful lady! I’ll bet you are a lot like her.

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