Am I Good with People?

With my lovely friends Daniela and Claudia at training

With my lovely friends Daniela and Claudia at training

“I admire how you so easily talk with people and make friends.”

I was astonished by my roommate’s words. Is that true? Never in my life have I thought of myself as someone who attracted people or made friends easily. If anything, others saw me as a replaceable friend – good for when no one else was around but pushed aside when someone better came along the way.

Yet, my roommate’s comment puzzled me because, when I am honest with myself, it seems to be true here at Disney. On every bus ride, I talk to people instead of texting and therefore meet a new person nearly every ride. I am constantly introducing myself to others at work and trying to care for them as individuals. Talking to the guests and seeing a bit of their lives is the best part of the job.

So, can I be good with people and have Aspergers along with social anxiety? Maybe. Perhaps I have learned over the years how to interact because of the very fact that I needed to try hard to understand social cues. Being an Aspie might have made me a better friend. What a strange thought!

Another factor to this is that I am at Disney. No longer is being called “Princess” because of my mannerisms and naivety an insult; now, it is a compliment of the highest praise. Coworkers notice that little sparkle that made me different and strange. However, they encourage me to let it shine so that I make the park more magical.

So, I am no longer the awkward girl with no friends and little hope of relating to her peers. Do I misinterpret situations and react strangely? Sure, but everyone sees that as quirky instead of stupid or clueless. My oddities make me different but do not hold me back from living a normal life.

Trying to think of myself as good with people is strange. I still do not believe that I am. However, the amount of relationships and interactions that I have already had with people from all around the world in every state of life prove differently. Maybe I am not doomed to live a lonely life by myself. Maybe I am not forced to always be the forgotten and rejected girl. Maybe I can become secure with myself and with relating to others.

Maybe, just maybe, I am someone that others like to meet and who likes to meet others. What a strange thought!


13 thoughts on “Am I Good with People?

  1. celinemurray says:

    So glad you have such insightful roommates! You ARE easy to talk to, Anna Rose! I wish someone had told you sooner because most of us have known that since the first day we met you. πŸ™‚

  2. jefairgrieve says:

    I’m so glad you heard these words, Anna Rose! They are true! And they are good. By tuning in to the good and the positive, you will continue to heal. Go for it!

  3. Oh my goodness Anna Rose this is an encouraging thing to see! You are definitely better with people than you think. You just have this way about you that just makes people want to go deeper. You’re like a really good book! I’m still just enthralled with the one lengthy conversation we had! I really look forward to the next time we talk, even though I’m terrible at calling… πŸ™‚

  4. You are blessed and proud of your growth. I had a bad seizure last week but think I am better now.

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