Growing Up to Be Your Parents

Many people claim that you grow up to be like your parents. This might excite or terrify you. However you feel, just observing other families can show that genes are passed down and shown in different parts of a child’s personality.

If you had parents that you admired, perhaps you always wanted to be like them and looked forward to being in a similar place of life. That can bring great joy for the future.

What happens if your parents were abusive, unkind, neglectful, or some other struggle? Is there no hope for change? Must he get divorced six times and never be content with one person like his dad? Will she have to be so demanding with her children just as her mother was?

I think that there is hope for change in each generation. Yes, we inherit our genes and many personality traits. Still, we all can choose how to act. This might take conscious choices to be different. That is very hard but not impossible.

There are certain ways that I want to be like my parents. I hope to be hard-working like both of them, caring like my mother, and hopeful like my father. Those are traits I have but must cultivate. Yet, there are ways that I plan to differ. Both of my parents are amazing people, but I might want to make some different life choices and try to break out of some of the generational pain in my family. Low self-esteem, bad relationships with food, and not caring for yourself because you are helping others constantly are a few things that I might want to change.

What are traits that you have from your parents? What do you want to keep and what would you like to change?


3 thoughts on “Growing Up to Be Your Parents

  1. 80smetalman says:

    There have been times when I said something to my children and realised that I was sounding just like my mother. However, I know that a parent can break free of that.

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