A Frozen Ride Is Coming to Disney World

This is why the Norway ride is closed now. 🙂 Today was not very long at work but filled with ups and downs. Having a bit of Elsa’s chill might be nice now because I am feeling sick. Maybe it is the weather…


The smash-hit animated musical Frozen, which is already getting a sequel and a Broadway show, will also be transformed into an amusement park ride, opening in 2016 at Disney World’s Epcot.

“Frozen Ever After” will replace the 27-year-old Maelstrom water ride at the Norway pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase, Disney announced on Tuesday. Visitors will be shuttled in logs through a festival in the fictional land of Arendelle from the film. Riders will watch citizens celebrate winter in the middle of summer thanks to Elsa’s magical ice-creating powers. And riders will eventually reach Elsa’s Ice Palace, where the princess will be singing—what else?—”Let It Go.”

[time-gallery id=”3672324″]

Animatronic versions of Anna, Kristof and Olaf will also appear. Disney’s designers and engineers, known as Imagineers at Disney World, have even recruited the film’s composers, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez, to write new lyrics for the chart-topping songs.


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