One Thousand Thanks: 1099 – 1109. Disney Attractions Part One

Mexico ride

Here is the Mexican Ride in Epcot

There are numerous magical places to go to around Disney World such as attractions. Here are just of a few that I have noticed so far and would suggest. Some are crazy busy and popular while others are easier to get into and enjoy.

1098. Epcot World Showcase in Epcot -Honestly, this whole park is my favorite. Walking through each of the “countries” is magical especially in the evening with the pretty lighting.

1100. Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Magic Kingdom – Need a break from the sun? Like music and classic Disney films? This is a short wait (usually under 10 minutes) for  this great place. Plus, I work there. 🙂

1101. Rockin’ Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios – Music and a roller coaster. Need I say more?

1102. Expedition Mt. Everest in Animal Kingdom – The line for this is often long in the Animal Kingdom, but it is my favorite attraction there.

1103. Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios – I loved the Power Tower at Valley Fair. This is just as fun, I think.

1104. Belle’s Enchanted Tales in Magic Kingdom – Want to interact more on an attraction? Here you actually work together to put on a show for Belle which is fun for all ages.

1105.  The Three Caballeros’ Ride in Epcot  – This ride is cute as you ride through Mexican scenes. Plus, the wait time is not nearly as long as Small World.

1106. Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom– Basically, this is full of corny jokes and lots of fun. I kind of wish that I was working there.

1107. Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios – This is fun on so many levels. Entering into other films, seeing memorabilia from old sets, watching famous trailers – this ride is fantastic even before it starts.

1108. Spaceship Earth in Epcot – I cried because this was so touching and interesting. Seeing yourself in the future and looking to the past are fascinating.

1109. Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom – Very creepy and dark but still fun. This ride is enjoyable and great for those who like dinosaurs in particular.


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6 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 1099 – 1109. Disney Attractions Part One

  1. I need to go back asap. I miss my happy place.

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