Today is the wedding! I look forward to being a bridesmaid for the second time in my life and being at my lovely friend Katie’s side. I just wish that I could spend more time with her and my mother.

Anyway, it is time for my links. Many are Disney themed today. Enjoy!

  1. 25 Disney Movie Easter Egg Gems – Oh, these are so wonderful! I nearly cried reading this list.
  2. Sir Christopher Lee Dies – Tears. I loved this actor. He will be missed.
  3. Hope is Everywhere – Birds are certainly beautiful images of hope. This post is so inspiring.
  4. The “I” in Team – Clever idea.
  5. Disney Princess Ages – These are based on when their film came out. What a cool idea (although it is a few years old now).
  6. Prince George Steals the Show – He is such a cutie! The royal family is very intriguing and regal. 🙂
  7. Video: Disney Rules – This is not all exactly true, but it made me laugh very hard.
  8. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Son is Born – Aw! That is wonderful.
  9. Disney Princesses with their Mothers – They all look pretty alike, but this is still an interesting picture.
  10. 5 Fascinating Facts about The Great Gatsby – This are interesting. I was especially intrigued by the last one.

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