One Thousand Thanks: 1110 – 1118. Weddings Thanks

Being a bridesmaid at Katie's wedding

With the other bridesmaids and the bride

I never really liked going to weddings. Yes, they were pretty but also full of people, noise, and stress. Often, I became so anxious that I felt sick and begged my mother to let me stay home. However, being in Katie’s wedding was wonderful. About a year and a half ago, I wrote about my friend Ruth’s wedding and thankfulness. Here are more reasons that I am thankful for weddings.

1110. The bride and her father -Seeing them is one of the saddest but most touching parts of a wedding. It makes me cry more than any other part.

1111. The Bouquet Toss – Do I want to catch it or dread that happening? Most people probably waver between those two. But it certainly is fun.

1112. New beginnings – Weddings celebrate these. It was wonderful to see Katie and Michael and be excited for their amazing plans.

1113. Seeing friends and family – Catching up with people is scary socially for me but also very fun at times.

1114. Making new friends – I certainly did at the wedding this past weekend. In fact, I miss them already.

1115.  Sacramental beauty  – This is one of the reasons that I hold weddings in such high regard.

1116. Gelato bars – Katie having this was one of the best ideas ever! 🙂

1117. The colors – Color choice says a great deal about someone. I usually enjoy the selection and learn more about that person.

1118. How the bride and groom look at each other – It melts my heart.


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