Healthy Habits

I really needed to hear this! It is so helpful. Please be kind to yourself if you are working on new habits whether they be eating better, not self-harming, going out of the house more, etc. The process will take time, not happen immediately.

Aspire to Inspire

I always see people pushing to the next limit. Pushing their body to a point they’re not prepared for, instead of doing it the right way. The right way is a slower process, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Don’t beat yourself up over eating some chocolate, that slice of pizza on a Friday night, or the day this week you were so exhausted after work you skipped exercise.

We’re all aware eating your veggies, and burning some calories are good for you…but the health we ignore all a fitness journey, is our mental health. It’s not healthy to want to punch yourself in the face, everytime you make small decisions that might not be the most healthy. It’s the baby steps in the right direction that really matter, and are truly rewarding. Be grateful for every smart decision you’ve made. If you want to eat something “bad”, have a little less…

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