Coping Skills: #84. Recovery Goals List

Salad at resort

I need to eat well while working so much. This I had at a resort.

We all get off track at times. Money is spent on a night out with friends instead of an electricity bill. We sleep in late instead of calling our mother. A new crush distracts us from our lifelong dreams.

Veering off track is normal for humans. However, it is still not a good habit to have. Instead, people often try to write down lists of goals in order to stay focused in life.

This can work similarly for a coping skill. To stay on track with recovery, listing goals can be helpful. Start by asking many questions. What do you want to accomplish in your recovery? How do you plan to go about that? Will it truly benefit your well-being or could it possibly hinder it? All of these questions should be asked firstly.

Then, find someone to tell. That way you are accountable to another person and more likely to accomplish your goals. Another benefit is that someone else can help see if your goals are too easy (you should be challenge) or too hard (you should be able to accomplish your list). Although nerve-wracking, hearing another person’s opinion can be a huge help.

Here are some of my recovery goals for this next week. I will blog later on about how they went. All of you readers are keeping me accountable.

  • Eat at least 3 times each day
  • Drink as much water as possible
  • Start taking all of my medication again
  • Get to sleep at a reasonable time even if it means missing a blog

That is a start of recovery goals for the coming week. Are there any others you would like to add for yourself?

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2 thoughts on “Coping Skills: #84. Recovery Goals List

  1. MEM says:

    That’s a lot of goals to have in one week, but they sound like great goals. Remember to work to FOCUS on your goals while being SELF-COMPASSIONATE at the same time.

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