Listaliciousness: Father’s Day, Women on Money, and Hidden Meaning in “Lilo and Stitch”

Family upon couch

My family

Happy Father’s Day! I miss my father so much on this special day. At least, we talked on the phone which was wonderful.

Anyway, here are some links. A few are Father’s Day themed while others deal with history, coping skills, and Disney of course. Enjoy!

  1. 25 Awesome Dads who Nailed the Art of Parenthood – Aw, these are so sweet!  I miss my father so much.
  2. Women on Money in 1978 – The history of this subject fascinates me. What woman would you like to see on the $10?
  3. Video: The Secret Life of Pets Teaser Trailer – This looks pretty cute. I look forward to going to it.
  4. Do You Know You? – This is a beautiful blog post kind of like one that I wrote recently. I love this perspective.
  5. Archetypal LA Dads to Celebrate This Weekend – Great idea with many wonderful dads that everyone should know about and celebrate.
  6. Video: 25 Inspiring People who Overcame Their Disabilities – These are some amazing people You might have heard of many of them, but some will probably be new.
  7. Self Confidence – This post was very helpful for me to read. It is certainly a difficult subject to address but is done so very well here.
  8. Actress Jennifer Morrison Offers Teen Girls Advice – She is a great role model for girls. I love her points here.
  9. My Feeling Calm Book – Oh, I want to make this so bad! What a great coping skill.
  10. Picture: Meaning of White Lei in Lilo and Stitch – Oh, this made me cry. I never knew how sweet this moment was in the film.

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