Recovery is Worth Money and Time

Macaroni Casserole I made

I made this Mac dish. It takes money to buy ingredients to make food, but that is a vital part of recovery

I hate buying groceries. Fine, let’s be honest. I hate spending money for the most part. Buying gifts for others or fun things for myself or even eating out with friends does not bother me. However, paying for most things and using the money that I have worked hard to earn terrifies me.

My first year at college, some of these same fears filled me. Growing up, I never received an allowance. Instead, my parents made my sisters and me earn money to use for gifts, fun things for ourselves, and sometimes clothing. This instilled a respect for hard working and earning your way through life. Yet it also partly added to my fear and insecurity regarding finances.

Yet, I need to remember that certain things are worth spending money on even if it is frightening. A great example of this is food. Part of paying for food is paying for recovery. Thus, one should be careful about the pricing on food without skimping on what is needed.

There are other elements of recovery that are difficult to pay for at times but must be made a priority. For example, bills could include therapy appointments, medication, time off for mental well-being and rest, and gas for getting to medical appointments. These are just a few of the things that you might spend money on in recovery.

Recovery takes more than just money; it will take lots of time too. This might take away money indirectly by causing you to work less or drive farther. Yet, this time can double quickly if you do not address certain issues fright away.

Thinking about saving time and money in the long run is important. After all, if you do not focus on recovery and make it a priority, you might end up having to take even a longer break from work or spend more money on more expensive treatment or longer sessions.

Thus, I need to remember not to worry so much about money. My job is very busy which means that I am still saving a good amount instead of spending everything that I am earning. Even if I was not, I should find another thing to give up before neglecting my recovery.

Do you struggle with putting money before recovery? This is even harder if you are in a worse financial state than I am. Even then, I hope that you can find some relief and are able to put your journey toward better mental health first.


2 thoughts on “Recovery is Worth Money and Time

  1. Trying to recover financially is the hardest. I feel like it’s a hole that no matter how much you fill in, keeps getting bigger.

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