It Must Be the Rapunzel Hair

Thumper and me

Posing at Disney with a Thumper animal

Yesterday, while moving strollers and sweating terribly, I was stopped by two lovely girls. They were around my age and dressed like Rapunzel in beautiful purple dresses and braided hair with flowers in it. After I complimented their dresses, I expected them to smile and move on to a ride or show.

Instead, they stopped and very kindly asked me to take a picture. I agreed quickly and reached for the camera. Then, to my surprise, they shook their heads.

They wanted a picture with me. Both took turns posing with me. A feeling of excitement and honor filled. me. Sure, I was a bit awkward like in all photographs, but it was still lovely.

I am not sure if I looked enough like Rapunzel or they simply wanted my picture to remember the park. Either way, it made my day so much better. You never know what will spread joy to others. 🙂


2 thoughts on “It Must Be the Rapunzel Hair

  1. Your joy and sweetness just radiates! Who wouldn’t want a picture of that? 😉 ❤

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