One Thousand Thanks: 1119 – 1122. Disney at Night

Cinderella's Castle with fireworks over it

The fireworks over the castle

Yesterday, my friend and I went to Downtown Disney to see a movie and walk around the stores. Then, we went to the Magic Kingdom to see Celebrate the Magic twice, the Wishes fireworks, and the Electrical Parade. All of it was so wonderful. In fact, it was one of the best days in a long time. Here are some of the elements that I loved about it.

1119. The lights on Main Street -They are so beautiful especially when the park becomes less crowded

1120. Eating ice cream while watching the parade – My friend and I enjoyed this in front of the castle. The cones even have little chocolate ears put onto the ice cream. 🙂

1121. Visiting all of the places in Downtown Disney – It is free and less crowded. Plus there are lots of fun little shops like the Christmas store, Lego store, Little Miss Matched, and more.

1122. Celebrate the Magic – I cried both times. This light show on the castle is so magical!



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