Coping Skills: #85. Take a Break from Work

Me sleeping

We all need a break.

Many times, work has been a helpful coping skill for me and others I know. You are distracted, busy, and hopefully doing something you are passionate about or helping others while meeting a goal. There are many benefits to working besides earning money.

However, sometimes we need to take a break from work as a coping skill. Perhaps you are burned out, physically sick, mentally exhausted, or emotionally drained. Maybe it is time for this coping skill then.

Yesterday, I woke up with a pounding headache and throwing up. Throughout the day, my stomach and head continued to be in distress. Still, I powered through and went to work.

Although I like my job, my body already ached just thinking about another 12-hour shift. Thankfully, a coworker traded end times with me. That way, I worked eight hours while she took the last four.

Having a break, even a small one, can give you time to recover and return to work in a better state. Sometimes, asking for that break is frightening. What if you are turned down? Yet, what if your job suffers because you are not given a break? What if you lose your patience with a customer, faint on the job, or fall asleep in a meeting? Are those really better than asking for a break?

Thus, it is important to sometimes take days off or have some shorter days. Do it to help yourself as well as your customers, coworkers, family, and friends. This coping skill helps you which in turn helps all those around you.

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