One Negative = Five Positives

Me trying on a hat

You can see the positives or the negatives, but it is hard when people point out the negatives more.

Ever notice that when you hear one negative thing you tend to hang onto it for a long period of time? What about the positives you are told? How long do you remember those?

Yesterday, someone told me that I looked “really bad” because of the sick-looking dark circles around my eyes. The rest of my break was spent wonderfully in the bathroom as I tried to fix my face without any makeup. When I returned a few minutes later to work, a coworker greeted me and stated, “You look so beautiful.” Yet another coworker stated the same thing about 30 minutes later.

Still, I am fretting over what I was first told. Similarly, the guests who are upset weigh on me heavily, making me sometimes forget all of the happy people that I smiled at, waved to, or helped.

We tend to remember negatives so much more readily than positives. Similarly, it takes numerous positive statements to offset a negative one. Being critical is not necessarily bad. However, being negative certainly is draining not only to yourself but others around you.

I want to work on remembering the positives despite the negatives. Also, making more positives than negatives for others is important. Everyone should learn this lesson but especially parents, teachers, managers, and others who are leaders.

How are you going to be a more positive than negative force today? What will you do to listen more to affirmations and good moments in your life as opposed to the insults and detrimental interactions? How will you still be open to growth if you are focusing more on the positives than negatives?

Those are all questions that I am asking myself today and encourage you to do likewise. I want to be a positive but also change-inspiring force in the world. What about you?


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