File That Under “Happiness”

Me trying on a huge hat

Trying on huge hats at Chapel Hats in Downtown Disney was certainly a moments for my “happiness” folder.

I like labeling and arranging things. Putting my books in a new order (alphabetical by author, similar genre, date published, etc) was an exciting task that I did around once a month. Color coding priced items for a garage sale, rearranging the school supplies in my drawer, checking off items on a to-do list – being an Aspie might contribute to my enthusiasm of these tasks.

Similarly, filing things brings me joy. I have folders full of programs of shows, recipes to try, pictures of places to visit, and medical information about my medications. The things that I keep serve some purpose; I want to try to accomplish/make it some day, remember the time a moment happened, have information for later, etc.

However, some of the items also just make me happy. For example, I keep cards from years – even a decade or two – ago. That is a long time for a 24-year-old woman! I take out these letters and read them when I am feeling discouraged or lonely.

Another way that I file happiness is by having a folder for it in my email. When an email makes me particularly happy, I put it in the “Happiness” folder just the same as I put receipts in the “Finance” folder or online syllabus in the “School” folder. These happy emails range from “I love you” from my Dad to ditsy remarks from Christine that made me laugh to silly videos from friends.

Having a folder for happiness is important. Your folder does not need to be physical or digital. There are other ways to have one in your life. Keep happy thoughts in my memory. Work to think of them more often. Or keep a happiness journal by writing down different happy moments, ideas, compliments, quotes, etc. Thirdly, you can talk with a friend or family member about thankfulness and good memories on a regular basis. For a person who expresses himself or herself verbally, this is a great idea.

However you choose to, please try to have a “happiness” folder in your life. It takes practice but is very fun and rejuvenating. We should be more quick to remember what beautiful things happen on a daily basis.


2 thoughts on “File That Under “Happiness”

  1. MEM says:

    Great idea! I need a happiness folder in my life!

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