Stigma of Following

My father and Mario

My amazing father and little brother Mario a few days ago

Many companies, speakers, and teachers encourage leadership. Be a great example, make a difference, go against the flow. Messages such as these are common.

However, I wonder if there can be a positive side of being a follower. After all, don’t we need followers as well as leaders?

Many people might say that there is no benefits to following. You are a pushover or settling. Perhaps you are labeled with other unkind names or seen as contributing nothing to society.

Yet, there are followers who actually get the work done. A leader has a vision which matches your own. Is it wrong to follow his or her idea and help accomplish the common dream? No, that certainly seems like a good idea. It is more efficient than you both doing your own things.

Followers are good listeners and have great wisdom. They often know what is a good idea to support and what will not work. Sometimes they know this better than a leader. Having these wise people is often what makes a leader successful.

So, should there be a stigma on following? No. Should everyone follow all of the time? No, but neither should someone lead all of the time. A balance is needed in this area of life as all others.


4 thoughts on “Stigma of Following

  1. Mem says:

    Some of it depends on your definition of a leader. Perhaps you want to look at that in a blog sometime. I think that if you are “following” someone else’s vision by listening well, contributing your wisdom, and helping to make their ideas work, you are a leader of another sort. This type of leader influences others by getting the job done or furthering the mission, etc.

    Just something to think about.

  2. manyofus1980 says:

    I agree with you. Followers are needed. It cant all be just about the leaders. XX

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